1. Cat And Mouse


    cat and mouse

    The Creative Game Of Cat And Mouse

    I’m in pursuit of finishing my book, BOX. It has been a chase within a seemingly endless maze of running thought, through the inertia of writer’s block, around high expectations and the frustration against a self imposed finish line. Sometimes I wonder who’s chasing who as the process has had me running in circles. Who is the cat? Who is the mouse? And where…

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  2. Sex Trafficking And Silicon Valley

    #FightHumanTrafficking #SiliconValley

    43 Percent Filled

    I’ve been holding off on this post for some time because I have a personal stake in my relationship with Silicon Valley. I have many entrepreneurial and investor friends who may not see eye to eye with me on the subject of how Silicon Valley is greatly contributing to the human sex trafficking trade. However, I can’t let the weight of these relationships prevent me from speaking out on the…

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  3. Running In Place

    Running In Place

    In A State Of Missouri

    I left it up to a Facebook vote as to my next destination and it was a tie between St. Louis and Kansas City, so I decided on St. Louis first and I’ll hit KC on the way back west after I go east some more. It’s my first time here, so I took a day to explore some of the free museums and wildlife parks they have here. I think it’s fantastic that they provide so many free alternatives for going out to budget minded people. The World Bird Sanctuary is a great place to educate yourself about the various wild birds you may come in contact with while traveling through the mid-west. They host a number of majestic eagles, falcons and owls who have been injured and cannot fly or survive in the wild anymore. I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with many of them. The place even has a monster python or two….shivers. I also had a bit of fun with their bucket o chalk that they provide for random walkway art.

    Next up was a visit to the St. Louis Science Museum. This place was like kid mecca. The little tykes were everywhere running around and playing with all the fun little projects they have. It was great to see kids take an interest in science, but as for me, the environment was a bit too touristy for me so I didn’t stay long. I opted to skip the art museum and zoo and instead made for the downtown city garden.

    Downtown was an interesting experience. I’ve always pictured St. Louis as a bigger city with more culture, but the place seems run down and a bit dilapidated. The great arch is definitely something to behold. However, it’s surroundings don’t match up to it’s ode to architectural wonder. I wasn’t really feeling the flow of the city, but the city garden was a fun little area. There are many peculiar sculptures and I got to splash around with kids at the fountain garden. I met a curious fellow by the name of Ronnell who kept pestering me to take photos of him to show his mom. I couldn’t help but oblige. Outside of the city garden I strolled a bit further into the main square. As I was setting up for a photo of the great arch on the horizon, I noticed a skateboarder doing ollies over a homeless guy. My curiosity got the best of me, so I introduced myself and got to grab some video footage of the feat.

    I then ran into a random family taking photos of their daughter in her sweet sixteen dress. I had no idea people still did this. It was a strange scene to behold watching a girl in a big pink dress pose while being surrounded by homeless people and kids playing in the fountain. Surreal. Well, just another random day on my random road trip. Next stop…who knows? Want to vote on it?

    - Missourable Rabbit

    Stroll Through The Garden

    Model Citizen Ronnell

    For The Birds


    #Roadtrip In A State Of Missouri I left it up to a Facebook vote as to my next destination and it was a tie between St.

  4. The Fool

    Just Being Foolish

    So I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. Been freakishly busy with multiple projects while I’m on the road…oh, the irony. Also, been spending quality time exploring the mid-west with my awesome bella. Here’s a shorty post to tide you over. And by shorty I mean a ton of pictures. We’ve been treating everywhere we go like our own personal playground and occasionally we get up to goofy shenanigans. I promise to have updates sooner. Off to St. Louis!…don’t forget to let the Gifs load. Ciao!

    OMG Nebraska


    Deep In The Chi-Town Dish

    #FoolingAround #RoadTrip Just Being Foolish So I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. Been freakishly busy with multiple projects while I’m on the road…oh, the irony.


  5. Because cute


  6. Live In THE World


    segmented world The Segmented World

    I find myself in a strange place these days. Let me correct. I find myself in the whole of the world which is a strange, unfathomable and fearful unknown place for many people. This phenomenon of segmented worlds has hit me hard the past few months as I’ve been on my road trip. I’ve talked to a host of random people in different stages of their lives and indubitably most have…

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  7. minimalrabbit:

    Future Cirque Du Soleil perfomer!

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  8. If the Internet was a country, its national sport would be complaining.
    — Pauli Poisuo

  9. For those who believe in reincarnation, does YOLO mean You Only Live On and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…
    — The Rabbit

  10. 20 Ways You Can Help Human Trafficking


    Fight Human Trafficking

    Join The Fight Against Human Trafficking

    I say this often, but it bears repeating. Human trafficking for illegal labor and sex is one of the most hidden and prevalent atrocities currently being committed against those without economic choice. It is a global systemic problem and if you think it doesn’t happen in your part of the world, then think again. I know many of you are aware of the problem…

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  11. minimalrabbit:

    A Long Time Ago In A Baseball Stadium Far Far Away…

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  12. Owning multiple web sites and updating them = fun and misery blended into a cocktail of dubious and frustrating triumphs.

    That makes no sense = exactly.

    — The Rabbit

  13. 10 Indicators Of Someone Being Trafficked


    not a commodity

    [I will be posting about the sex working situation in Silicon Valley as I gather my thoughts on my own entrepreneurial community. Stay tuned.]

    I have been on a road trip across the United States and I’m currently stationed in Nebraska. Along the way, I’ve delved into finding out more about the human trafficking situation that hides across the US. It clearly exists in all parts of the country. A…

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  14. Fear and ignorance over change is always to be expected but never accepted.
    — The Rabbit

  15. Round and round I go