1. Christiania Swans

    The Third Half Of The Danish

    Wonky math aside, here is the third and final post on my random excursion to Denmark. We made it over to Copenhagen by bus to visit friends and ended up getting the executive treatment at the Marriott. Props to the Marriott for providing free everything in the executive lounge, including booze for our friends. Why don’t they do that here in the states? Hmmmm? We definitely needed the royal treatment after walking 3 miles with all our luggage from the bus stop to the hotel. We thought it would be an easy trek, but noooooo, me, in my infinite demented wisdom, thought I could handle carrying around 50 lbs on my back and shoulders in horrible shoes. Good thing we found a random shopping cart along the way to help with the load. Thanks, shopping cart! We love you!


    Even Jedi need a helping hand from time to time.

    We were only in Copenhagen for two days, so we chose to take a night stroll and see what small beauties we could find in the immediate area. The next day we visited the famed freetown of Christiania located in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s an interesting, experimental city with a storied history. They follow their own set of rules apart from the state of Denmark and even used to have their own currency, but have now started using the Danish Krone. Their is a great deal of controversy over the land and the government has been trying to take it back for many years. Christiania famously supports open sale of cannabis, but in recent years, gangs and harder drugs have infiltrated the freetown which adds to the controversy. Our visit was pleasant enough and there was a great deal to see. Unfortunately, the more colorful part of town, Pusher Street, had signs everywhere forbidding photos being taken for fear of criminal identification. I didn’t even try to sneak a pic here or there for fear of violent reprisal. There were definitely shady characters watching us as we strolled through, but left us alone to our touring ways.

    It was a quick visit and there was quite a bit we wanted to see, so Copenhagen is back on the bucket list for a return trip. On our way back to Aarhus, we had presence of mind to not walk back to the bus stop and instead opted for a quick train ride…which almost turned into a mini-disaster as we had to learn how to navigate the station and almost missed our train. Here’s to better planning next time!

    - Over Traveled Rabbit

    Random Strolling In Copenhagen

    A Free Day In Freetown

    #visitdenmark The Third Half Of The Danish Wonky math aside, here is the third and final post on my random excursion to Denmark.

  2. AAR HUS

    A Spontaneous Danish Excursion

    Here’s the story, folks. I’ve been on the road across America for the past 5 months working on BOX. Somewhere along the way, I hung around the mid-west a bit longer than I had planned. It wasn’t unpleasant since most of that time was spent with my girlfriend who was sent out my way for work. It was nice not being all by my lonesome the whole time. Thanks Maria’s work! While we were out here, Maria asked if I might be willing to interrupt my road trip to join her in Denmark for a week. At the time she asked, I hadn’t budgeted for a detour so I told her I wasn’t sure I could. A few weeks went by and I mulled over the conundrum of how to make the trip to Denmark happen. I searched high and dry for a cheap ticket. I considered all layover possibilities, but to no avail. But then I had an epiphany. My father travels back and forth to China all the time and has amassed a treasure trove of miles. He is actually a 1 million mile card holder for United Airlines. Go Dad! So that having dawned on me, I asked if I could use some of his miles for my excursion and, voila!, I was able to go to Denmark for a spontaneous detour. [Side note: If you ever want to use a family member’s miles for United, it’s easy to do over the phone. Doing it online is nigh impossible to credit the miles to a different traveler besides the owner of the miles. They really need to fix the online system.]

    We ended up grabbing an AirBnB in Aarhus, since Maria was visiting the town she went to business school in. The place was conveniently down the road to the seaside and gave us the peace we needed away from the busy city. Copenhagen would be later in the week on our itinerary. I already posted about our first day there which was pretty much fooling around with the bus system and finding the local grocery store then taking it easy. Day two, we spent a good chunk of time visiting Aarhus University and Aarhus Central.

    Suspicions Arise

    You should know by now that you can’t travel with me without getting involved in some kind of mischief and it was no different in Denmark. While we were at the university, I went around campus with my GoPro snapping pictures. Evidently, a random asian guy walking around peering into the untouched corners of the university looked suspicious to one of the employees there. We were approached and asked what I was up to. Trying to explain that I find beautiful things in the weird little places that few seldom look always gets surprised looks, but this time suspicions were on high alert because, evidently, the day before someone dressed similarly to me was doing the same except they were hanging around taking pictures near security panels. I also found out that the university had already had 3 bomb threats, but those were all called in by students who simply didn’t wish to take their exams. People are crazy!

    After long explanations, we put the employee at ease. It probably helped that Maria is quite charming when she needs to be. The employee finally introduced himself as Svend Soborg and it turned out that he was the long time event coordinator for the school and founder of Klubben Aarhus, the university watering hole. He ended up offering to tour us all around the campus. It had been 10 years since Maria last went to school there, a lot had changed. Svend told us all about the party scene there and I found out that Aarhus University has the highest percentage of partiers in all of the city. Way to contribute to alcoholism! Svend, himself, was responsible for many drunken fests back in the day. It was serendipitous that we ran into him because after the tour he then invited us to lunch with his wife, Nita, and an additional tour of some of the forest and seaside regions a few days later. He also gave us a couple free passes to the ARoS museum in Aarhus. Self pats on back for looking suspicious and turning it into a life win!

    - Suspicious Winning Rabbit

    Here are pics from the day. More to come in the next post, along with our day with Svend and Nita.

    Aarhus University

    ARoS Museum

    Aarhus Central

    #VisitDenmark A Spontaneous Danish Excursion Here’s the story, folks. I’ve been on the road across America for the past 5 months working on…

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  5. Eternally Standing By


    Cot tled

    Clusterf*** At O’Hare

    Well, I’m back in the states and will be posting about my short Danish excursion soon. In the meantime, here’s the story of an asian dude who flew 14 hours to O’Hare airport to find out that his flight had been transferred to another flight 6 hours later, then canceled and ironically put on standby on his original flight, only to get pushed to standby to the next flight 4…

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  6. Dodging The Matrix

    Dodging The Matrix

    Just A Little Tie Me Over

    What happens when you get to Kansas on a road trip and get bored? You click your red heels together and end up in Denmark. It’s true. Try it out sometime.

    I’ve been here for over a week now and heading back stateside soon. I’ll have plenty of stories to share, but in the meantime enjoy a little goofing around as a little tie me over till my inevitable enormous post with a quadrillion photos!

    - World Hopping Rabbit

    Goofing Off At The Bus Stop

    #DanishPlayground Just A Little Tie Me Over What happens when you get to Kansas on a road trip and get bored?

  7. Cat And Mouse


    cat and mouse

    The Creative Game Of Cat And Mouse

    I’m in pursuit of finishing my book, BOX. It has been a chase within a seemingly endless maze of running thought, through the inertia of writer’s block, around high expectations and the frustration against a self imposed finish line. Sometimes I wonder who’s chasing who as the process has had me running in circles. Who is the cat? Who is the mouse? And where…

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  8. Sex Trafficking And Silicon Valley

    #FightHumanTrafficking #SiliconValley

    43 Percent Filled

    I’ve been holding off on this post for some time because I have a personal stake in my relationship with Silicon Valley. I have many entrepreneurial and investor friends who may not see eye to eye with me on the subject of how Silicon Valley is greatly contributing to the human sex trafficking trade. However, I can’t let the weight of these relationships prevent me from speaking out on the…

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  9. Running In Place

    Running In Place

    In A State Of Missouri

    I left it up to a Facebook vote as to my next destination and it was a tie between St. Louis and Kansas City, so I decided on St. Louis first and I’ll hit KC on the way back west after I go east some more. It’s my first time here, so I took a day to explore some of the free museums and wildlife parks they have here. I think it’s fantastic that they provide so many free alternatives for going out to budget minded people. The World Bird Sanctuary is a great place to educate yourself about the various wild birds you may come in contact with while traveling through the mid-west. They host a number of majestic eagles, falcons and owls who have been injured and cannot fly or survive in the wild anymore. I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with many of them. The place even has a monster python or two….shivers. I also had a bit of fun with their bucket o chalk that they provide for random walkway art.

    Next up was a visit to the St. Louis Science Museum. This place was like kid mecca. The little tykes were everywhere running around and playing with all the fun little projects they have. It was great to see kids take an interest in science, but as for me, the environment was a bit too touristy for me so I didn’t stay long. I opted to skip the art museum and zoo and instead made for the downtown city garden.

    Downtown was an interesting experience. I’ve always pictured St. Louis as a bigger city with more culture, but the place seems run down and a bit dilapidated. The great arch is definitely something to behold. However, it’s surroundings don’t match up to it’s ode to architectural wonder. I wasn’t really feeling the flow of the city, but the city garden was a fun little area. There are many peculiar sculptures and I got to splash around with kids at the fountain garden. I met a curious fellow by the name of Ronnell who kept pestering me to take photos of him to show his mom. I couldn’t help but oblige. Outside of the city garden I strolled a bit further into the main square. As I was setting up for a photo of the great arch on the horizon, I noticed a skateboarder doing ollies over a homeless guy. My curiosity got the best of me, so I introduced myself and got to grab some video footage of the feat.

    I then ran into a random family taking photos of their daughter in her sweet sixteen dress. I had no idea people still did this. It was a strange scene to behold watching a girl in a big pink dress pose while being surrounded by homeless people and kids playing in the fountain. Surreal. Well, just another random day on my random road trip. Next stop…who knows? Want to vote on it?

    - Missourable Rabbit

    Stroll Through The Garden

    Model Citizen Ronnell

    For The Birds


    #Roadtrip In A State Of Missouri I left it up to a Facebook vote as to my next destination and it was a tie between St.

  10. The Fool

    Just Being Foolish

    So I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. Been freakishly busy with multiple projects while I’m on the road…oh, the irony. Also, been spending quality time exploring the mid-west with my awesome bella. Here’s a shorty post to tide you over. And by shorty I mean a ton of pictures. We’ve been treating everywhere we go like our own personal playground and occasionally we get up to goofy shenanigans. I promise to have updates sooner. Off to St. Louis!…don’t forget to let the Gifs load. Ciao!

    OMG Nebraska


    Deep In The Chi-Town Dish

    #FoolingAround #RoadTrip Just Being Foolish So I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. Been freakishly busy with multiple projects while I’m on the road…oh, the irony.


  11. Because cute


  12. Live In THE World


    segmented world The Segmented World

    I find myself in a strange place these days. Let me correct. I find myself in the whole of the world which is a strange, unfathomable and fearful unknown place for many people. This phenomenon of segmented worlds has hit me hard the past few months as I’ve been on my road trip. I’ve talked to a host of random people in different stages of their lives and indubitably most have…

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  13. minimalrabbit:

    Future Cirque Du Soleil perfomer!

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  14. If the Internet was a country, its national sport would be complaining.
    — Pauli Poisuo

  15. For those who believe in reincarnation, does YOLO mean You Only Live On and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…
    — The Rabbit